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You're busy,

but you care about what God is doing in consider working with us...

The Mission

I’m Marcus Campbell and you are helping to decide the next stage of my ministry. 

Malawi is a country where one family made a huge difference.  In 1957, Doyle and Louise Gilliam arrived in Northern Malawi with a small team of missionaries.  Twenty years later they left a legacy that produced more than 125 congregations and thousands of believers throughout Malawi’s North and Central regions. 

But Doyle Gilliam and the missionaries of his generation have retired—and it’s time for us to step up.
If you are in a position to go with me, please call the number or write to the email address listed above, because there’s plenty to do. 

But if you are not in a position to go now, please consider helping to move the work in Malawi forward through me.

It’s simple:  if God is willing, and I get the remaining funds to minister in Malawi full time—I go.

The Future

While Malawi's churches helped bring the knowledge of God to Mozambique, much of Malawi is still unreached.

Priestley, a fellow 2012 graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute, is currently training Malawi's next generation of preachers.  During the academic year we plan to teach together at MIBI (Malawi’s International Bible Institute)—while we try to grow the church Priestly has begun in a local village.

I’ll take your response as evidence of whether I should be part of moving MIBI forward. So I appreciate you taking the time to consider God’s work in Malawi—and how we can help!