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  1. Mission: EVERYWHERE
    Taking Christ everywhere in our lives; taking Him everywhere through our lives.
       Revelation’s description of the New Heaven and New Earth provide an awesome vision.  Within that the "Great Commission" describes our mission to take Christ everywhere. (Matthew 28) Finally, the plans that give this mission structure are Christ’s commands—the 3rd leg of the Great Commission.
       Narrowing that vision for our work in Malawi revolves around the work that Priestley has already begun.  His current model of both a preaching school and congregation (which functions as a lab in which current students apprentice) seems fit for the demographic.  It is the model that we used just south of Dedza in Tete, Mozambique (summer 2014).  It reaches villages that need churches now, but gives aspiring preachers from those villages a central location to be trained for full-time ministry.  He teaches in the school, then demonstrates in the villages—as the students partner in his work.  It’s basic discipleship.
       It’s a model that we look to continue as we try to multiply this first church – and first MIBI class – into more disciples and more congregations.
  3. Team Covenant: LOVE
    John 13:34 (ESV) A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.